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Public Transportation in Antwerp


With a population of around half-a-million, Antwerp is Belgium’s second-largest city. Although the city centre is fairly compact, some of the events or venues are located on the outskirts of the city.

Service & frequency

Trams on almost all lines in Antwerp depart every 10 minutes during the daytime. Some bus lines also have a high-frequency service.

Online departure times

Scheduled departure times for a specific line can be obtained from the accreditation centre or the De Lijn website.

Choose the option ‘op basis van lijnnummer’ (scroll down the page). Enter the line number you need and then the first three letters of the city or town in the next box (for example, type ANT and ANTWERPEN appears automatically).


If you need a cab in Antwerp we can suggest that you call Antwerp-Tax, our transport partner. They are happy to drive the gay crowd around. TIP: Antwerp Tax app on Iphone.


Use one of the hundreds city bikes, available in 85 stations. Day pass: € 3, week pass: € 7. Order online:


The waterbus connects Hemiksem and Lillo and stops at the Steenplein (where you have to get off). If you come from the Left bank, you can also take the ferry.

All practical information such as rates and departure times can be found on


Pay attention: remember that the entire city centre of Antwerp and Linkeroever (the Left Bank) are a low emission zone. Polluting vehicles may no longer enter the low emission zone. Check before coming to Antwerp whether your vehicle complies with the conditions for entry with this test.

Compulsory registration: All vehicles with a foreign number plate (except Dutch number plates) complying with the conditions for entry must be registered once-only. Registration is free and can be done up to 24 hours after entering the zone. Register your car here.

You can find further information about the low emission zone in Antwerp at

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