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About Antwerp

Antwerp – city on the Scheldt, city of Rubens, of diamonds, of fashion, a port city… The sum of all these different aspects is what makes Antwerp into a real city: a vibrant, welcoming metropolis, which is also great fun and heart-warming, with green areas where you can relax and peaceful corners. Antwerp is a veritable cultural capital, which prides itself on its impressive architecture and splendid art. Moreover, Antwerp is a fashionista’s dream destination thanks to the stores of its world-renowned designers. Antwerp: a pocket-sized metropolis which is sure to conquer anyone’s heart in no time at all.


One of the many titles bestowed on Antwerp in the sixteenth century was ‘triomfelycke coopstad’ (triumphant shopping city). Even today, the city languishes in the accolades of shoppers in the know – shopping in Antwerp means pedestrian streets, historic dwellings and bustling shopping centres.


Antwerp has always been a ‘market town’ with a tradition of open markets. This chilled way of shopping reveals the real Antwerp for inhabitants and visitors alike. Local everyday markets are dotted around the city and over weekends themed markets offer an abundance of produce and things for sale.


Antwerp and design are one and the same, the Antwerp Six made sure the spotlight was on Antwerp’s catwalk. It is a city that values and understands the importance and potential of design. Antwerp now struts its stuff with the who’s who of the fashion world.The proof however is in the pudding – take a look at the stores and boutiques lining the streets!


Antwerp is for everyone, if you are looking for a fun and educational excursion, Antwerp is a treasure trove of adventure and experiences. Admire Antwerp underground, play in a real pirate’s ship, see animals in all sizes and colours, watch sharks swim overhead or discover how you can live a more ecological life.

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