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Image Rights

Laatste Revisie: Mei 2023

Introduction is the digital representation of Antwerp Pride Vzw, with registered office at Draakplaats 1, 2018 Antwerp. This digital representation is referred to in this Privacy Statement as "this Website" or "Site".

The "AP Network" refers to Antwerp Pride Vzw, its affiliated organizations, and its related entities.

Antwerp Pride Vzw, is the entity within the AP Network that provides this Website and is hereinafter referred to by the terms "Antwerp Pride," "AP," "we," "us," or "our." Although portions of this Privacy Statement may refer to other entities within the AP network, this Privacy Statement applies only between you and us and not between you and those other entities.

AP is a privacy-conscious organization. We are the entity within the AP network that provides this Website, and in this Privacy Statement we explain how we protect visitor information collected through this Website.

Please note that the individual Web sites covered by the AP Network are provided by other entities and not by us. This Privacy Statement does not apply to those and other websites that may be linked to this Website. We encourage visitors to carefully review any privacy statements of those other websites before providing personal information.

This Privacy Statement may be supplemented or amended from time to time by privacy statements specific to certain areas of this Website (e.g., recruitment). For more information about the Internet recruitment process, please review the specific statement applicable thereto. If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, please contact Webmaster Services via 'contact'.

Data collection

This Image Rights Policy applies when we collect and/or use your information during:

  • Participation in any of our radio, television or online programs

  • Recording as part of any of our events, projects or competitions

  • Camera surveillance on our Festival grounds conducted in accordance with local laws.

  • Identity verification during any of our events, projects or competitions by the organizer or authorized representative.

  • Crowdsourced photo and video recordings made by individuals during any of our events, projects or competitions

Data usage

Antwerp Pride Vzw is the data controller. More information about the privacy policy of Antwerp Pride Vzw is available here . 

The recordings made and published are mainly used for communication, promotion and security purposes around Antwerp Pride.


You give tacit permission for your data to be processed 

  • In public

    • If you are not the main subject of a recording, through the right to take atmospheric images

    • If you are the main subject of a recording, by posing for this recording

  • On the festival grounds

    • By entering the Love/United & Closing Festival grounds, you agree to the processing of these images by the AP network and their partners.

      • Camera surveillance at the Love/United & Closing Festival is conducted in accordance with local camera laws. These recordings will only be used for security purposes during the Festival and will not be disclosed to third parties except to the appropriate authority upon receipt of a formal request.

Disclosure of data to third parties

As part of their purposes, AP may share your data with, among others.

  • Media and distribution channels (television broadcasters, newspapers, websites, radio broadcasters, social media, printing companies, etc.).

    • For communication and promotional purposes

  • The public

  • Databases (e.g. Google Workspace / Google Drive)

    • For archiving and internal-processing purposes

  • Courts and police departments

    • Upon receipt of a formal request.

  • Public authorities

    • Upon receipt of a formal request.

Your rights

Since this is about your data, we think it is important that you can control your personal information at any time. You therefore have a number of rights, which you can exercise in accordance with the terms and modalities of European privacy legislation.


This statement therefore does not affect the exceptions that apply to processing for artistic and journalistic purposes.


  • Right of access

    • You have the right to access your data. That is, you can check what data we have on you.

  • Right of rectification

    • You have the right to have your data rectified. It could be that we have data about you that is incorrect or no longer correct. We kindly ask you to inform us if your personal data has changed so that your data in our databases is as correct and complete as possible.

  • Right to delete

    • If you want us to stop storing or using your data, you can delete your data with us. However, we are not always obliged to delete your data when you request it. We are only required to do so in the cases stipulated by law. 

  • Right to restriction

    • You can ask us to restrict the processing of your data. In that case, we will continue to keep your data, but will restrict its use. This happens, for example, when you believe that your data is incorrect and you do not want us to continue processing it until it is amended. We are not always obliged to comply with such requests, though. We only have to do so in the cases stipulated by law.

  • Right to object to the use of your data.

    • This means that you can object to the further use of your data by us. You can only do this when you have thorough reasons related to your specific situation. Again, we are not always obliged to comply with such a request.

  • Right to withdraw consent

    • If the processing is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent. However, this withdrawal does not affect the lawfulness of the processing based on your consent that took place before its withdrawal.

When you ask us any of the above questions, we might request additional information before we can take further steps. We need to do this to verify that you are the correct person. 

Data Retention

All our recordings in the context of our events, projects or competitions will be kept indefinitely in time in our archives. The data used in the recordings themselves will thus be kept indefinitely in time.

Other (personal) data related to your participation in our or other recordings will not be kept longer than necessary for the intended purpose.  

Data access

Individuals wishing to exercise their aforementioned rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) should contact the Antwerp Pride Data Protection Officer via the 'Contact'-link. Choose subject “Privacy” and submit your request in the “Message” field. In all cases, we handle requests for access or modification of data on the basis of the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations.

In addition, in a respectful manner, you may also express your objection directly to the person making the recordings on the day of the event.

If you do not find our handling of your objection in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG / GDPR), you can always submit a complaint to a supervisory authority. In Belgium this is the Data Protection Authority. More information about this can be found on theirwebsite.

Security of information

We maintain technology and operational security of a reasonable standard to protect all information provided by visitors through this Website from disclosure to or access, modification or destruction by unauthorized persons.

Changes to our Privacy Statement

We may update or modify this Image Rights Policy from time to time in our sole discretion. When we make changes, we will update the revision date listed above, and the updated or amended version will apply to you and your information as of the revision date. We encourage you to review this Image Right Policy periodically so that you are always aware of how we are protecting your information.

Protection of children's privacy

Children and minors are vulnerable individuals. Therefore, we pay special attention to them in the context of recordings. One way we do this is by not making minors the main subject of our recordings or only if their parent or guardian agrees to their participation; again, we will process the data of participating minors pursuant to the agreement reached with the parent or guardian and AP. 

Questions from visitors

If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy when using this Website, please let webmaster services know via the 'contact' link.

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