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Event Submission

Are you organising an event during Pride week?

Amazing! Let's make Antwerp the most colourful city in the country!

Fully fill in the registration form found below and after verification, you'll be able to find your event on our Events-page.

Personal Information

First some info about you. This info is not publicly available.

Specific Information

This Information ensures that your event end up on the right spot.

Therefore we sometimes ask the information in duplicate.

Official Pride Event *

Partner Event *

Only pre-verified Partners can utilise this tag.

If this tag is nonetheless selected without the aforementioned status the event will be directly denied.

Gratis Event *

Only Free events can utilise this tag. Also payment at the door tickets makes you a payed event and excludes you from this tag.

Event Type

Select all types which apply to your event

based on the previous made choices

Event Category

Select all types which apply to your event

Event Day

Select all dates which apply to your event

Event Information

This Information ensures that the public will see the correct info for your event

Select File
Select File

Start Time 


We advise a 1920 x 1080 px .png file of max 15Mb

Website where tickets can be bought, reservations can be made or more info can be found for the event.

Word that best describes the above inserted website

Short public name which the public can search on to find your organisation and so your event

We advise a 250 x 250 px .png file of max 5Mb

Website of the organisation

Facebook of the organisation where people can find more information (optional)

Instagram of the organisation where people can find more information (optional)

Email of the organisation where people can contact the organisation for more information (optional)

End Time 


Event Address *

What is the name of the location where the event takes place

Event Information *

All event info

Select Files

We advise 250 x 250 px .png files of max 5Mb a piece

Event Verification

I hereby accept that the above inserted information is shared internally within the Antwerp Pride Vzw

I hereby verify that that above mentioned event proposal is in line with the norms and values of the Antwerp Pride

Event Status

All Verifications must be accepted before the event can be submitted


After submittion, please wait this a verification message pops up before closing the page.

Thank you for registering, you will receive a confirmation email when we have evaluated the application.

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