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#ProudToBe: Why all the hate?

In 2016 YouTube launched the hashtag #ProudToBe in support of the LGBT pride month.

They released a video where various YouTubers talk about their identities, it even features the coming out story of different famous Youtubers like Gigi Gorgeous and Ingrid Nilsen.

The video encourages people to engage with other people and share their own story using the hashtag #ProudToBe.

But this beautiful video has up to 303K dislikes because homophobes gathered in the comments section leaving behind disgusting comments and disliking the video.

Youtube has disabled the comments to stop the hate but sadly the hate continues to live on other forums like reddit and twitter using the same hashtag #ProudToBe. Some people even say that the attack on this video was one of the most vicious terrorist attacks in the USA since the 9/11 tragedy.

This isn’t the first time that the LGBT community faces hate crimes against its members, in fact, the LGBT group is most likely to be the target of hate crimes compared to any other minority. The fact that homosexuality is still a crime in 72 countries is baffling!

But even in the face of so much hate and negativity, the LGBT community stands strong together. In the many attempts of hate on this video, it created the opposite effect. Their hate put this video in the spotlight and inspired many YouTubers to start hashtagging their video’s as #ProudToBe to create LGBT awareness.

Even though there where so many homophobic reactions, there was also a lot of outrage against these reactions. Indicating that the LGTB community does not stand alone! We will fight together for equality and make this world a good place to live in.

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