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Live performances + Queer Lab


11 aug. 2023
11 aug. 2023


Queer Arts Festival


De Studio
Maarschalk Gerardstraat 4, 2000 Antwerpen, België

AQAF wanted to do more for young queer artists. Therefore  we are organizing a Queer Lab at De Studio. Five artists can experiment, create and inspire one another for 10 days. You are invited to come and see what that leads up to.


Choreographer and performer André Uerba explores intimacy as a practice of being together, along with five performers and a musician, in his new work “Æffective Choreography”.


Madmoizel: Classically trained, the French artist draws upon many different influences: from neo-classical to electronic music. Her lyrical and syncopated voice transforms her performance into a cathedral techno and an electronic narrative, drawing the audience into the dancefloor.

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