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Antwerp Queer Arts Live performances


10 aug. 2023
10 aug. 2023


Queer Arts Festival


De Studio
Maarschalk Gerardstraat 4, 2000 Antwerpen, België

With Dark Matter, dancer/choreographer Llewelyn Mnguni performs a work that is a

love letter of the beauty, power and resilience of the black queer femme body. Parisa Madani is a German Iranian woman of trans* experiences. They will perform a dream concert, connected to former experiments with immersive dream meditations. These collective sessions serve as spaces of worship, where rest is valued as a form of resisting white supremacy cultures that are so deeply rooted. Helena Araújo featuring the artist Claire Lefevre bring my gentle wild squirts. Between dance, theatre, poetry and performance, it dares to bring out the full potential of the feminine voice and its

vulnerability, kink, power and sensitivity. Uranians will be hosting a live podcast in which they interview some of the artists. Moreover, we invited 5 young queer makers to experiment and create during a 10 day long Queer Lab at De studio. August 10 & 11 you are invited to see what that resulted in.




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