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Antwerp Pride Opening Night


9 aug. 2023
9 aug. 2023


Antwerp Pride


OLT Rivierenhof
Turnhoutsebaan 246, Deurne 2100 Antwerp, Belgium

Op woensdagavond 09 augustus slaan Antwerp Pride en OLT Rivierenhof de handen in elkaar voor de Antwerp Pride Opening Night. Samen met een fijne line-up artiesten (TBA) trappen we de Antwerp Pride af tijdens een bom van een feest!

Deze wil je niet missen!

Pay What You Can

Voor de Antwerp Pride Opening Night introduceren we het Pay What You Can-principe. De basisprijs is € 16,5. Wil je Antwerp Pride en mensen steunen die net dat beetje meer moeite hebben om de basisprijs te betalen? Dan ben je vrij om meer te betalen. Voelt € 16,5 aan als een drempel om naar de Opening Night te komen? Dan mag je gerust een lagere ticketprijs betalen!


Quatsch Collective

Quatsch Collective is a group of queer artists from Antwerp born in the 'underground scene'. The word 'Quatsch' is german for 'nonsense' and the noun of choice to describe this eclectic group. The collective exists of 4 performers and 1 DJ, Bust'N Tearsn who can be found behind the turntables. The performers are the creepy Omega, enigmatic HannaH Stamina, man-candy drag king Jimmy Kidd and the campy Miss Ditniet.

Martha Da'Ro

Martha Da'ro is a multidisciplinary artist of Angolan origin based in Brussels. The young artist started her career as an actress with the movies Black, A Girl from Mogadishu or more recently Roomies. At the same time, she made her debut in music with her multilingual hiphop collective Soul'Art, an experience that allowed her to launch her solo project Martha Da'ro with her first single ‘Summer Blues’ which gave her the opportunity to tour around Belgium and to release her first EP 'Cheap Wine & Paris' a project with a fragile but bold universe, a musical genre she likes to call ‘diaspop’. Today she goes further with her new project, a new challenge where Da'ro doesn't hesitate to use her experience of film and storytelling to create a sound experience.

Grace Khuabi

As one of the youngest contestants, Grace Khuabi won 'The Voice Flanders' in 2021. After that, the singer withdrew for a while, to write songs and finish school. With 'Freedom', her first single, she already showed what she can do. This summer she will also show herself live to a large audience at Antwerp Pride. Expect a dazzling show full of moves and grooves. Because, as she already demonstrated in the studios of 'The Voice', Grace is not the woman to stand still on stage. A single is usually the stepping stone to a full album. But that's not coming right away, Grace laughs. "Calm down. Step by step. What does the future look like? Performing, finally a lot of performance!"

Grigri y el Macho Fantastico

For years, he has been making music that cuts right through the bone with his band Dez Mona and at first sight seems to be the odd one out of the cheerful Pride bites. But Antwerp based Gregory Frateur has been a regular at our festival since he was allowed to grace the stage in 2016. He is therefore eager to, in his own words, 'let his inner diva run free once again'. "I'm gay and I'm proud of that. Antwerp is a fantastic place to live. But I do see the lasting usefulness of Pride. Certainly because in various places in the world there are still problems with homosexuality and especially with the open experience of it. Certain steps can and must be taken in this area. Any form of inequality is a thorn in the side of our society. And yes, it's probably utopian to think that it can all be solved someday. That does not alter the fact that you have to keep

believing in it."

DJ Sahra

SAHЯA began her passion for dj'ing 5 years ago. Despite her fledgling career, she became tour dj of neo-soul singer IKRAAAN and played throughout Belgium. In 2022, her big break came. She went international with bookings in Spain and the Netherlands as well as being booked at the concert of her teen idols TLC. Her summer tour took her to festivals such as Tomorrowland, Rock Werchter, Sfinks, Polé Polé at Gentse Feesten and Pukkelpop. In addition to dj'ing, she is a clinical psychologist in her day-to-day life and, as a bridge between the two careers, tries to research and elaborate on the link between music and mental health. SAHЯA is known for her high-energy sets and knows how to get the audience moving with her every time! As if giving therapy, she makes sure that everyone can shake off their worries for a while.